June 16, 2011

Running and all that jazz.

Trail o' running shoes.
Tonight I leave for Northern Utah to participate in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. I got on a team one month ago, at which time I was running no more than 3 miles a few days a week. Bah! Let's just say that I agreed to it in a fleeting moment of bravery (even though Ragnar has been on my list for a while).

Suddenly my life has had to revolve around running...sometimes even twice a day! I don't want to be the lame one on the team, although that's looking to be inevitable. And somehow the weakest link ended up with two legs rated "very hard?" That kind of makes me picture myself puking and crying on the side of the road. Regardless, I will press on.

Also, I must admit this: Even though there's that possible puking and crying thing, even though I'll be tromping 5 miles at 2 bells in 45 degree temperatures, even though my knees may never recover from the extreme downhill, even though I'll have to use some port-potties along the way (might as well be hell), and even though I'm sure I won't be sleeping for 36 plus hours...

I. Can't. Wait.

Say a little prayer for me (and my knees)!


  1. you've got this! i'm so excited for you!! and, yes, port-a-potties ARE hell! so good luck with that! :)

  2. I'm dying to hear the results!!! H, are you alive and well??