June 27, 2011

Hikes and sticks

I took my nieces on a hike last Friday. We climbed on rocks and looked out over the valley and the little ones crawled in small caves where they are convinced that ancient people used to live (because “it’s a perfect spot for a bed”). They were so excited by the smallest discovery…even the porta potty in the parking lot. I didn’t tell them that someday that particular excitement would turn into dry heaving.  The littlest one, Emri, needed a lot of help to climb and shimmy on the red rocks. She’s so tiny and so trusting. We were on an overlook and when a gust of wind came up she ran to me and said, “Heather, hold my hand! I’m scared!” It may have melted me a little. Sometimes I’m surprised by the natural instincts that are revealed when I have sweet ones that rely on me. I would do anything to protect them and because my life doesn’t require me to fill that role all the time, it feels so good when I can do it. It feels so good to be needed in a mothering way. I think we need to seek out those experiences as often as possible—I know it helps me to be softer inside. There’s so much selfishness to combat in life that it seems necessary to spend consistent time with those who rely on us to nurture them.  And certainly, the opportunities are bounteous.

On another note, I have a stick stuck in my throat. Not an actual stick, but a piece of baked kale that feels like a stick. Any suggestions? It’s driving me batty and causing me to think of all sorts of dramatic scenarios about the future of my throat. 

Finally, I love this:

Have a great day!


  1. your nieces are so lucky to have you!! what a dream of an aunt! i hope that the women that read this blog realize how much their siblings with children and other mothers in their communities truly need them. it takes a family AND a village to raise great kids. i need all of the love, support, and good examples i can get for my little ones.

  2. So funny that Elle already posted what I wanted to say! I wish I had done more to help moms with young kids when I was single. I didn't know how much they really needed me, and how much I was capable of doing!

  3. You are an angel. What would I do without you?? Thank you will ever be enough.