June 13, 2011

Favorite Books

Thanks to Angie for the book review! About Angie: I grew up reading. When I was a kid, I was even grounded for reading. I would stay up until all hours of the night with a flashlight reading my book and when my mom caught me she would take the book away. I would say, "Aren't you supposed to be encouraging your children to read?" But the truth is, I needed no encouragement. Growing up, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to be paid to read?" So I became an editor. I majored in English with a minor in editing and have worked in various capacities with the written word since college 

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson: What if your imaginary friend from childhood was your one true love?

The last two books I reviewed have been theological books, which hopefully helped you in your search for faith and aid in adversity. These books are wonderful, but with the arrival of the warmer weather I find myself drifting toward lighter fare! So, for your reading pleasure I present a light, romantic, fanciful, summertime beach read. Don't be deceived, the title does not mean it is related to the movie with the charming Audrey Hepburn, but the book is just as fun in its own special way. 

A brief summary:
Jane is a lonely little girl. She has an absentee father and a workaholic mother.  The only time she spends with her mother is Sunday, when they go to Tiffany's to admire jewelry. Although her family life leaves her alone most of the time, Jane isn't lonely. She has a wonderful, funny, handsome friend named Michael. But only she can see him.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and on Jane's ninth birthday Michael leaves. Fast forward a few years to Jane in her thirties. She is just as lost and alone as when she was a child, wondering where to go and what to do. Then she meets a wonderful, funny, handsome man....

This book might not answer any philosophical questions or win a Pulitzer, but if you are looking for a quick read by the pool and a relaxing afternoon, this book is for you

Favorite Quotes:

Jane MarGaux - 

I walked into the living room and looked out at the city as I munched a couple of Oreos. All right, FOUR Oreos. My floor was high enough to let me see over the other nearby buildings, and I had a great view of Central Park. New York had always been the right place for me, but tonight it seemed even more so, maybe because Michael was out there somewhere. What was he though? An "imaginary friend"? An angel? A hallucination? None of those made any sense to me. But I had no other answers.

Michael - 

The church was enormous, at least a couple hundred yards in length, and suddenly he felt small. He remembered hearing or reading somewhere that the Statue of Liberty would fit comfortably under the central dome. Michael felt so... human, kneeling here in the cathedral. And he wasn't sure if he liked it. But he also wasn't sure that he didn't.

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