May 6, 2011

Happy Weekend to You!

Weekends are the best when you've worked really hard! I did quite a bit of that this week. Time for renewal. I'm taking a quick trip to Boston to spend times with friends and family this weekend. I thought I'd share an article I wrote for work recently on finding renewal to send us out. (Sorry for the business-speak. I mean come on, Liz, it's the weekend! Please translate into weekend-speak in your own mind.)


Has this week left you feeling frustrated? Turn on your Manager Self. Frustration is often caused by issues that are in the hands of others. Step back from the situation and think about the major players and issues anew. Identify the unique gifts in others and empower them to do better. Adjust and manage well so that the flow will resume.

Feeling Bored? Turn on your Leader Self. Be the decision-maker in the creation of your own life. Reassess what needs to be done and where the greater more interesting challenges may lie. Rally people around you and get moving again on critical issues.

Feeling Unfulfilled? Turn on your Relationship Self. Figure out what is missing in your core relationships and work to make changes.

Feeling Drained or Burnt Out? Turn on your Creative Self. Decide where you are headed next. Talk with God about your focus and goals. There may be some excellent opportunities around you that have been overlooked. You will feel relief as you take proactive steps in a good direction.

Feeling Stressed, Worried or Anxious? Turn on your Mission Self. Slow down and take some time out to think about your purpose and mission. Take time to remember why you are here and how you hope to help the world. Renewing your sense of overall mission will help you weather the smaller storms on the way to a greater good.

Adapted from Oliver DeMille’s Liber League conference speech on intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial endeavors, 2006

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