April 17, 2011

The Sunday Post

The world of 2011 is filled with choices, especially for single people. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, about how empowering it is to make choices. A friend of mine once said, "the world is a safe place because of the Atonement". I took that to mean we don't have to be paralyzed because of the mistakes we might make in the course of making honest choices. We will make mistakes and we will sin, but the Atonement makes it a safe place to try and learn because he will make it better. The Atonement is the source of all true empowerment in the universe.

On Friday afternoon I was filled with this wonderful feeling of all the choices I have. Nothing in my life is forced. Why am I still single? Because I choose to look for a marriage of a certain quality, which hasn't been an option for me yet. Why do I work where I work? I choose to keep going there every day, I'm not forced. There are times when we may be true victims but most of the time we are not. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder that I alone have a right and responsibility to make choices for my life. The next step in my thinking is to then feel humble enough to ask the Lord to help me to choose good things and boldly move forward in who I am, what is right and what I want and love.

A couple of great quotes on choices: We teach that agency is the ability and privilege God gives us to choose and "to act for [ourselves] and not to be acted upon. - Robert D. Hales

Many years ago, on an assignment to Tahiti, I was talking to our mission president, President Raymond Baudin, about the Tahitian people. They are known as some of the greatest seafaring people in all the world. Brother Baudin. . . was trying to describe to me the secret of the success of the Tahition sea captains. He said, 'They are amazing. The weather may be terrible, the vessels may be leaky, there may be no navigational aids except their inner feelings and the stars in the heavens, but they pray and they go.' He repeated the phrase three times. There is a lesson in that statement. We need to pray, and then we need to act. - President Monson, They Pray and They Go

Picture of Tahitian fishermen is from here.

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