April 18, 2011

"Ms. Fernald and Mr. Munson"

The first conversation was brief — perhaps 20 minutes — but Ms. Fernald found Mr. Munson magnetic. That attraction was checked by a few doubts: was he immature, a geek, too young, or some combination of all three?

The New York Times wedding page is a fascinating phenomenon. In his illuminating book, Bobos in Paradise David Brooks notes that One of the best places to see the new upper class in all its glory is the New York Times wedding page. On any given Sunday, the paper lists the weddings it thinks are important. You can’t just send your stuff in and get listed; you have to apply and be accepted.I asked what the criteria are, but they won’t tell. It’s like cracking the CIA code. He goes on to claim that many of the changes in elite culture are reflected in what the featured couples value, what schools they went to and where the paper places emphasis. (To read his full commentary click here.)

Most of the Latter-day Saints I know see opportunities to be in the spotlight primarily as chances to share the good word. Esoteric readings aside, I thought it was fascinating to see a Latter-day Saint couple featured. Their story is certainly not unusual in the church but is likely quite a departure from the relationship stories that typically grace the wedding page of the New York Times.

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