April 4, 2011

Conference wrap-up

Favorite talk: President Uchtdorf
Favorite song: The Spirit of God (It may or may not have brought me to tears.)
Favorite new word: bedlamites (oh, Holland)
Sweetest stories: Elder Scott 
Best in-between conference broadcast: History of the church's welfare system. I LOVED it and was inspired by it.

Northern Utah woke up to snow on Sunday morning, but we had a lovely weekend in our little desert valley. I am filled up after conference. What were some of your favorites??

Have a great Monday!


  1. It was all so fab!! That picture is unbelieveable. I cannot wait to get the Conference Ensign issue.

  2. Thanks Karina! It's from the Paradise Canyon hike in St. George. And yes, ALL of conference was fabulous.

  3. Nice Picture! Nothing like being on top of the world looking down on creation. Loved Bishop Burton's talk and Robbins on "To Be or to Do" How does one really decide. They were all fabulous!