March 10, 2011

Sweet, sweet March

March is continuing to prove itself as the best month of the year. Three March delights in the next few days alone:

1. First Spring share from my local CSA is being dropped off today! Yippee for fresh spinach, carrots, endives, and other goodness. My belly thanks you.

2. In So. Utah it's time to start planting a garden. Friday=garden day. I can't wait to plant stuff and watch it grow in my little space. The last time I planted a garden it was mangled by squirrels (lame), so I hope this year is a little more productive.

3. Daylight Savings!! An extra hour of daylight?? What a dream. Dear extra hour, I hope to use you outside in the desert as much as possible. You complete me. Love, your friend Heather.

I invite you all to share, with lovingkindness, your favorite parts of March (humor me). Isn't it the best??

1 comment:

  1. I am so thankful that the average high temperature every day in Idaho in March is about freezing! I never knew I would think 35 degrees was a decent temperature for a walk!