March 28, 2011

Memory lane.

To prove I took a literal drive down memory lane this past are some 
pics shot from my car window. 

First is a picture of Main Street in the small town where I grew up...and where my older sister now lives. As a teenager we all used to drag main and then meet up in the parking lot of Ace Hardware to pretend like we were cool. Oh how we made wasting time seem so important. 

Next is the drive-in on Main Street in the same small town where we would go for caramel shakes and fresh limes. So many childhood memories of that place--which is pretty much the only food establishment to have lasted throughout the years. 
Third is the home in which I lived on Westminster Street in Salt Lake City that we called "the Abbey." Liz and I spent a lot of time in this house reading and thinking and figuring out life as single women. In fact, this is where the idea for Mother House was born. It's also where I decided to quit my job and apply for grad school. My life has never been the same since the Abbey.

Last is Sugarhouse Park, which was like my Central Park in Salt Lake City. I think I had some important life thoughts while running here (except for the ones that were slightly exaggerated as a result of listening to Arcade Fire).

Memories feel so old I've lived a thousand lifetimes. It's nice to see how I have grown and changed since these places were my home. I would never want to go back, but I am deeply grateful for how they have helped to create me. It makes me excited and also slightly petrified about what's ahead. :)


  1. By the way, H, I loved this post. Memory Lane indeed. Quite a few pivotal decisions were made in The Abbey (with the help of that British Duke whose picture hung over our fake stone fireplace). I miss Janelle and Aubrey.

    Remember when that heating pad caught on fire under my head in the night? That smelled really bad. (I'm laughing to tears right now.)

  2. What the??? I totally forgot about that. And you were trying so hard not to wake me, but there were actual flames. Ha! I'm dying laughing too.