March 18, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

If you like these things:
-being outside
-garden produce
-manual labor
-manual labor in exchange for garden produce
-family farmers

Then you might want to check out this: It's simple--you volunteer in exchange for food, accommodations, and organic farming experience. I've been a member of the USA chapter for a couple of years and am hoping to make some long weekend trips to local farms this summer. I think it's such a great way to learn basics and gain confidence in starting your own garden (however small it may be). It's so valuable to be part of this kind of community. There are opportunities year-round, but late spring/summer/early fall is generally the best time to get I wanted to throw out the info right now. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I'll be working at this race and hoping to use the free tickets I have to the St. George Art Museum. Looking forward to it.


  1. And speaking of the out of doors and the weekend, it will be a SUPER full moon, a Perigee Moon tonight. The biggest in almost 20 years. (I wonder if Elle will have her baby early!)