March 11, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

What a week! Allow me to share a bit of good news as we move out towards the weekend. A few (more) congratulations are in order:

I love a good follow-up story. In Tanya's recent interview for the blog she said: . . .I was thinking about being single and Mormon and old, which also means that sometimes I have to choose loneliness. I was seeing a guy at the time and when I said I love God more, it meant--I love God more than a relationship I could have with a man if I were willing to compromise my standards. I choose God over this person who I care about, someone who is into me. I am willing to give up my prideful pursuits in order live God's law.

I'm pretty sure she's more happy with that decision than ever right now. Congratulations to Tanya on her recent engagement and a thank you to her for being a contributor to our blog while single. What a cutie couple. I don't know Nathan but I know he's a lucky guy!

I'm starting to believe, by the way, that if you contribute to this blog you'll get married soon after. Nicky, Tanya and also one of our wonderful Singles Panel Post members, Ben, have moved into the married phases of their personal journeys of late. A huge THANK YOU to Ben for sharing his wisdom over the last few months on our Single Panel Posts! Check them out: here, here and here. We wish Ben and Kym congratulations and the absolute best in their upcoming marriage!!

And last, but certainly not least Reggie Littlejohn, whose work fighting forced abortion in China was featured on the blog last week, received an award at the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day event on Tuesday. She was also the keynote speaker for that event. Congratulations to her and very grateful for her courageous work!

Here's to the happiness of dear friends! Have an excellent weekend! Liz


  1. All great news! Does this mean if I write more book reviews I might be next? :)

  2. I hope for 'yes' on both, Angie! (Yes, you'll be writing more book reviews and yes, your next phase will be coming any minute now as well!)