March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

We've had a couple of glitches with the blog this week...sorry for any confusion, friends.

I've had such a difficult time writing as of late--life is swallowing me up in many ways. I think I will be able to breathe again soon. Thankfully I have a new little angel of a nephew to snuggle with and swoon over...

Meet Asher.

Already winking at the camera! What a flirt. I love him so much...and I want to munch on his cheeks all day long.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. Heather, what a beautiful baby boy! And what an amazing experience - to get to be involved so closely with his birth. Hope mother and baby are doing well! Love, Liz

  2. Congratulations on becoming "another aunt"! That is what Joel said to Liz when we had each of our babies. :)