March 17, 2011

A fine birthday indeed.

That included this fine birthday banner...

And this very fine cake (sister texted in the middle of the day to say that half of my cake just fell on the floor, which made me love it even more). It was d-to-the-licious, even though it may look slightly disastrous. Does that really say 34?!? 

And also a very fine hike with this guy who gifted me with very fine organic compost for my garden (sigh). I love dirt.

I think 34 is good to me. Thanks for the kind birthday wishes from many of you...especially my mama who sings a special rendition of the birthday song that would knock your socks off.

Love you all. 


  1. We're oogling over that house!...and cake :-)

  2. Glad it was a fun b'day! I love pictures of you in the desert, just fits :).

  3. Love the pics!! Miss the desert & you. Both severely. Can't wait to get back to Utah in six weeks and counting.

  4. Sorry so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend! I've got to get this b'day on my calender!