February 16, 2011

Singular Humanitarian experience (SHe)

Hey gang, quick favor to ask - can you help pass this along to your friends? Yesterday we launched the application for a new international service leadership program through SHe that I'm helping lead. Please see below for details... I'd love to get this out to different groups of people to make sure people know about it - it should be super cool, and hope that some of you apply as well.

It's a young professional program, targeted at recent college grads (from college seniors to those who graduated within the last five years) and grad school students (or who were in grad school within the last two years), or those in similar stages.

Hope you're all doing well
We'd be happy to, Seth! If you haven't heard of the Singular Humanitarian experience (SHe) it's a great organization! It's 100% volunteer-run (LDS singles themselves), with a mission to facilitate meaningful and unforgettable opportunities for single LDS young professionals and their friends to serve together anywhere in the world in sustainable humanitarian development projects.

Not only do they have a couple of service trips planned but they are also offering a Service Leader Scholarship right now. Applications are due by March 1st.

If you have questions feel free to email SHe at: info@singularhumanitarian.org.

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