February 2, 2011

A request.

Dear Goldies,

It's time to bring back our All-Star Panel! We're so grateful for the incredible insight they share with us in response to questions from our readers. Now's your chance to send an inquiry of your own! Please email hsimkins@gw.edu with any questions you may have about life, dating, being single, being married, living abundantly, how to build a fort out of celery, how to walk backwards, how to make a Tang sandwich, and the like.

No one is keeping track, but some questions might be more productive than others. 

It's a rare opportunity to get advice from so many different perspectives. Please email or leave a question in the comment section NOW! 

Looking forward to inspiring thoughts from our panel!

Thanks all,

1 comment:

  1. Ok, here's my question for the all-star panel: When you have absolutely no money to spend, no couch, no friends close by, most everything you own is in storage, there are no more jobs to apply to, it's cold enough to freeze the you-know-what off a brass monkey outside and little warmer inside and reading or watching movies holds little attraction -- what do you do? How do you re-convince yourself life is interesting and beautiful?