February 10, 2011

No-mageddon 2011

It's been 1 year since the huge snowstorm that broke 90 years of snow records in Washington DC. Last year on this very same day the street next to my subway stop was piled up with snow. We were first hit by "Snowpocalypse" at the end of 2009 and then pummeled by "Snowmageddon" in February of 2010. Here are our neighbors' yards untouched after the snow.

Now I know to those of you who have lived in snowy areas this may not look too terrible, but it brought DC to a complete halt. I didn't work for at least 5 days and church was called off for two weeks. Which led to, well, impromptu fondue parties, lots of discussions of life plans, and Catholic Mass. I like the way big weather events make us sort of stop and focus on the most important things. Not that everyone had such an easy experience through this storm. But when it's not too bad, it's actually kind of fun and tends to make us focus on our real priorities somehow. Nothing better than playing games with the family by candlelight. I would like to think more like that every day, slow down and prioritize the important people in my life, but without a major catastrophe to provoke me.

Having said that, I admit that I was also quite grateful to walk out from my subway station today to this:

Instead of this:

Hope you're all staying warm! xo!

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