February 14, 2011

Hey lovers.

We've been leaving love notes for each other all month at my house. This one from my niece especially melted me:

I prefer a simple and maybe even underdone celebration of most holidays (except the ones that are already underdone, like....Flag Day? Par-tay!!!!). I feel pretty yucky about commercialization and the expectations it creates. So although I like the idea of celebrating love, I really like the idea of giving a massive cupid-shaped, waxy tasting chocolate to someone I love in the middle of August...when it's unexpected...and because I want my heart to be bursting with those surprises year-round.

Obviously part of the expectation that's been created is that Valentine's Day is only for lovers. So, the holiday actually has an opposite effect on a large part of the population (i.e. everyone who's not in love). I don't want to dwell on that too much except to say--Get over it media. The empty and/or dramatic and/or depressing relationships you portray are not what I choose to celebrate anyway. 

What I do choose to celebrate is the love that settles upon everything in our lives when we believe in and understand a much Greater love. Married or single, young or old -- no relationship or experience has sweetness, hope, and longevity unless there is bigger view in mind...unless there is a much bigger heart compelling us to join our hearts with His. Only then can we join our hearts with the ones we love (we're far too imperfect to figure it out on our own). We are all lovers when we're filled with His love.

So on this day I celebrate the love of a six-year-old who writes sweet notes to her auntie. I celebrate the love of an elderly husband who brought his guitar and sang with his confused and beloved wife at the nursing home today (if you could have seen her delight). And the daughter who visits her aging mother every single day. Without fail. I celebrate parents who are prime for retirement and have chosen instead to work harder than ever in the mission field. I celebrate brothers and sisters who are courageously raising little souls. I celebrate this love and much more because it's the kind that doesn't need a holiday in order to manifest itself. It's the kind that is real because it's touched by the divine...and that makes me hear birds chirping in the trees.

Happy Valentine's Day all! I love your lover hearts.

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