February 17, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

I'm looking forward to getting out of the city this weekend! A friend of mine is a nanny in NY. We'll be taking advanatage of the benefits of her employment by using the family house in The Hamptons for President's Day. I've wanted to go there for a long time and I love the beach in winter (or anytime for that matter). Can't wait!

Not that you asked me, but IF you're looking for something fun to do this President's Day weekend (outside of the time you'll be spending honoring past Presidents, that is) I might recommend seeing True Grit. The directors, the Coen brothers, are geniuses. Though I haven't seen all of their films, for the normal Mormon reasons, I love everything I have seen (Raising Arizona; Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?). It makes me seeeeriously look forward to the day when we have LDS directors out there making quality films, informed by Godly morals. Wish I was contributing in that arena.

True Grit is a remake of an old John Wayne film. It's rated PG-13 due to a bit of violence. You might want to close your eyes if you feel the impulse (especially during the scene with criminals at the table). I mean, it's a Western. Though this film was certainly not made during the era of Westerns, the Coens preserve the essence of the gentleman cowboy archetype, the "real man" with the surprising depth of tenderness. There is a beautiful scene towards the end where the true character of the rugged front man is revealed (that had me in tears). It's great.

Have a great weekend! Liz


  1. Without knowing I posted this recommendation, Heather just told me that she liked this movie but thought it was a little bit graphic. I halfway retract my recommendation, but only if you don't have good reactionary eye closing skills. . . oh the many nuances of being Mormon.

  2. Ha! Funny. It's the wild west!! I recommend it too.