February 11, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

Stuff going through my head on this Friday:

*Two words: casual Friday (hello chuck taylors. I have missed you.)
*Must put on a kids criterium bike race tomorrow.
*Friday foreign film with friends (it's actually Saturday, but alliteration always comes before truth).
*Rumors of 68 degrees. Praise be!!!!!!
*The pictures of Snowmageddon from yesterday's post are giving me anxiety.
*I want Thai food. Now.
*After at least 67 views, this is still not old to me.

What's going through your mind on this Friday?

Hope it's a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Surely talking to you was one of the best things going on on my own funky fun Friday. It is actually Saturday, but you know alliteration. Thanks for your advice today, your experience and thoughts were very helpful to me.

  2. You just introduced me to my new favorite band. Oh my. Love.

    Also, since I'm posting, just thought I'd let you know that I love your blog and I linked to it on mine, so I hope that's ok! :) I've really related to it and found it to be intelligent, relevant, and inspirational. Thanks!

  3. thank you storyofandrea :). what a very, very kind compliment...means a lot to hear that!