February 20, 2011

The Sunday Post

The Drop, that wrestles in the Sea —
Forgets her own locality —
As I — toward Thee —

She knows herself an incense small —
Yet small — she sighs — if All — is All —
How larger — be?

The Ocean — smiles — at her Conceit —
But she, forgetting Amphitrite —
Pleads — "Me"?

- Emily Dickinson

For some people it's the mountains, for some it's the lake or the woods - the beach has always been my home.

Being single brings many changes into our lives. We gain rich friendships, lose touch with friends, move, change jobs, wards and directions potentially many, many times in these years. In addition to those realities we have our personal blessings and tragedies, and some family tumult for good and bad.

Today as I walked out to the beach I was overwhelmed by the familiar beautiful feeling that only it can bring. My heart filled with gratitude as I realized today why it is that I love it. I love it because I see God there. No matter the disorientation that sometimes comes, the beach, this pure creation from God, is always the same. The beach has been my constant in life. It's always been there for me, in the very same form. Just like the Holy Ghost, and the character of God, and who God will always be to me.

So today if you are feeling disoriented, go to your constant place to commune with the Constant Being and clarity will come.

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