February 7, 2011

The desert.

“And nothing, not even the sea, has seemed to affect men more profoundly than the desert, or seemed to incline them so powerfully toward great thoughts.”  -Joseph Wood Krutch

It was so beautiful on Saturday that I put aside errands and hiked into the desert. I was in solitude most of the time--which is my favorite way to be in the desert (my best thinking time). I didn't solve the Middle East conflict or anything, but I did think about my family and my church calling and the color of couch I want to have someday and some stuff I've been reading about in the scriptures and how much I love the west. 

And then I took this self-portrait which shows the defined thinking lines between my eyes. 
Or maybe I'm just squinting. 

Either way, I left the desert with great thoughts. And I have a feeling that little Saturday jaunt is going to carry me through this Monday. 

Here's to a great (or at least bearable) beginning of the week!


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