January 31, 2011

Wintertide Film List

Presenting the Wintertide Film List! There are 40 films in all--made up of recommendations from you, the readers and us, the bloggers. Thanks to everyone who contributed! I think this will be sure to help you fight the winter doldrums. Enjoy!
Cold Comfort Farm – British comedy about a writer visiting a bizarre farm town.
A Mighty Wind – Mockumentary about folk music.
Raising Arizona The funniest movie ever made with nary a single joke told. Each character’s natural reaction to semi-natural situations leaves me laughing for no reason and every reason.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead  Smart funny, the story of two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Strictly Ballroom Great mockumentary on ballroom dancing.
What About Bob? – Obviously one of the funniest movies ever.

32 Short Films about Glenn Gould - Slow moving, brilliant film on the piano player, literally 32 films.
Ben Hur – Epic classic about Christ.
Gandhi – Beautiful, you have to see this at least once in your life.
North and South – Miniseries about northern and southern England industrialization.
Shadowlands – Very moving story of the romance of C.S. Lewis.
The Straight Story Beautiful, meditative film portraying tenderness in the family. Based on a true story.
Luther -- Inspiring story of Martin Luther that is really well done.
Wives and Daughters – Macro questions about families and societies, industrialism, feminism and other important issues. 
August Rush – It’s symbolic, adorable, and musically sensational.
Ever After – Classic and female-empowering plus romantic.
Facing The Giants – God-centric and inspiring plus "feel good on a less than better day"!
Magic of Ordinary Days - I appreciate the depiction of two people who grow to love each other as much through conscious choice as through circumstance, and who find that happiness is a result of choice and not mere chance.
Nicholas Nickelby (2002) – One of my favorite renditions of a Dickens classic
The Young Victoria – Great story, great acting, beautiful cinematography.  
Jeremiah Johnson -- He's a mountain man. He's the object of a vendetta. He's Robert Redford with a beard.
Rocky – Pretty much teaches you everything you need to know about everything you need to know (if you are a guy).  Hits a note on the subconscious that resonates throughout a society that, whether or not you have ever seen the movie, still makes it familiar to you.
Cool Hand Luke – A theme that has been tackled often (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest comes to mind) of the intentional prisons we tend to lock ourselves into for safety's sake only to run away from in order to taste freedom.  Alas, freedom is scary so we rush back to our secure bonds until we disappear or die.

Bride and PrejudiceBollywood version of the Austen classic.
Fiddler on the Roof -- Film adaptation of the Broadway musical. I love this story!
Mary Poppins -- Best of Disney in my opinion.

Foreign (Subtitled)
The Road Home (Chinese) -- Very sweet love story, beautiful cinematography.
Lagaan (India) – Bollywood classic (with a really long cricket scene).
Life is Beautiful (Italian) – Heart-wrenching story of a family in the holocaust. 
Ponnette (French) -- Best child acting I’ve ever seen.
The Color of Paradise (Iranian) – A film that makes you slow down, settle in and feel grateful for the small, important things in life.   

Mr. Death – Story takes a twist, don’t read about it beforehand, if it seems weird in the beginning, don’t worry it’s not – well not in the way you think – so good.
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control – The bizarre careers of 4 men.
Hands on a Hard Body – An amazing look at small town Texas and a competition of endurance. Hilarious!
Koyaanisqatsi – Art film about life on our planet – no dialogue.
Lost Boys of Sudan – Experience of Sudanese refugees coming to the U.S.
Mother Teresa – Must see the version made by the Petrie sisters. It will change your life.
New York Doll -- Story of Arthur "Killer" Kane, former bassist for the 70's glam rock band, the New York Dolls, who converts to Mormonism. 
Food, Inc. – Must see look at our nation’s food industry.
Winged Migration – Beautiful documentary following flocks of birds for 4 years.

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  1. H, I can't believe you linked all of these to the trailers! Thank you! These are going straight into the Netflix queue.