January 11, 2011

Travel (kind of) and a Film I Love

I was meant to write a travel post yesterday...oh, life.

On Sunday afternoon I had an unforeseen travel experience (which can be awesome and/or horrifying). Unfortunately mine was the latter...black ice, skidding, sliding, going down an embankment, through a barbed-wire fence, coming to a sudden stop near the edge of a ravine. My six-year-old niece was in the back seat, but miraculously neither one of us was hurt. Two trucks wrecked into each other in the same spot when I was on the phone with dispatch (nightmarish). And I just found out my car is totaled.

Those are the hairy details.  

Now here are the thoughts I've been obsessing over in the aftermath:

If anything had happened to Graci I wouldn't be able to live with myself, I can't believe we walked away unscathed, the tow truck driver reminded me of Uncle Hoggan, I rely so much on my parents, my brother is a gentle giant, I wish I would have been more aware of the possibility of ice (I wish, I wish!), I can't believe I got a ticket, my feet were so cold, I love the stranger who let us sit in his warm truck and made Graci laugh, I wonder how I found my phone so quickly when we landed, my shoulders are sore, the sound was so loud, my dad always knows what to do, I need a hug, I'm so mad at the snow, that was terrifying, I loved that car, I can't stop crying, I feel so bad, Graci is a brave little one, I'm overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers, I'm grateful, I'm so, so grateful...


But everything is okay, friends. More than okay. I'm feeling quite humbled by the experience and the many kind people who made it much easier on one little 6-year-old and one 33-year-old who felt like a 6-year-old. 

To continue with the Wintertide film list...here is a favorite film about travel of a different sort. Liz introduced this gem to me six years ago and I love, love it. Warning: it's slow, very meditative...and I hope you like Iowa corn fields. If not, I think you will by the end. It's directed by David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) and is based on a true story. I like what this critic said, "Lynch has slowed the world down and gotten back in touch with it." There are many sweet lessons about family and love and forgiveness. Also, the soundtrack is incredible. Introducing The Straight Story: 


  1. Heather- I'm so happy you and Graci are okay. There have been so many awful wrecks during this long spell of freezing weather. Take care. Janie

  2. Heather, oh my gosh, I'm totally shocked reading this. I'm SO glad you're both ok and so sorry you went through that awful experience!! This post altogether made me teary. What a huge blessing family and life are. I can't believe you walked away from something like that with hardly a scratch. Love you so much!

  3. I am glad you two are okay! I have your hug anytime :)

  4. Heather, I love this movie too. The Straight Story is incredible and I highly recommend it. Also, some trivia information, Richard Farnsworth played Matthew Cuthburt in the Anne of Green Gables Series, was excellent with horses and was in several movie productions dealing with the animal including being a chariot driver in The Ten Commandments and he was deathly ill during the filming of this movie, which you can notice sometimes when he looks grey, blue lips and basically like he might die soon. Which he did not too long after the movie in a quite tragic way. Anyway, I'm quite fond him and his performance was excellent.

  5. Nothing better than an Eddy hug!!