January 26, 2011

Three Days Left

Three days left on my detox and I am a happy girl! (I've included this photo as proof.) This has been a life-changing experience! I feel good physically (no health crisis), my skin is in great shape, buying foods with ingredients I've never heard of seems unconscionable to me, but most of all I have a great new regimen to follow that I know I can accomplish (though I realize continuing to do so will take its own work, of course).

My 3 roommates boldly took on the challenge with me. Our house has turned into Detox Camp 2011. At all hours you can hear a shake being made, hydrotherapy of some kind pouring from a faucet, or words like "pranayama" and "namaste" coming from someone's morning, afternoon, or evening yoga session. Except at night of course, when we sleep like babies. And like most camps, NO ONE ever, ever misses dinner.

Turns out it has been really effective for me to go through this intensive detox camp. Instead of trying to implement a bunch of good habits over time, the detox forced me to prepare and dedicate myself to modifying my whole schedule at once. Overhaul. This week, to take advantage of the momentum, I replaced some of the habits in the program with my own. Habits I've wanted to add to my life for years. Though it's been pretty tough, I've really had a lot of peace and a sense of a clean and organized life through this process.

So, wish me luck. I'm pretty sure I'll make it - I think I would end up in the hospital if I broke free and ate the 5 Guys dinner I've envisioned at least 20 times. I'm off to my final days of camp and very gratefully so.

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  1. This is inspiring, Liz! Thanks for putting out all the positive energy here, makes me want to be a little more positive today. :)