January 23, 2011

The Sunday Post

One of my favorite places to spend my life.
Today in Relief Society our teacher reviewed the talk "Reflections on a Consecrated Life" by Elder Christofferson, which probably deserves an entire post of its own (definitely one of my favorites). In it Elder Christofferson quotes Richard L. Evans as saying, "Every day, every hour, every minute of your span of mortal years must be accounted for."

This prompts some guilt in me, as our teacher admitted it did for her as well. I don't think I'm a sloth about how I my use my time--in fact, I tend to be kind of hypersensitive about it, but seriously--sometimes youtube can be so distracting (am I right??). More than that, I feel like we have so much abundance and therefore so many options in front of us that I get nervous about it and worry that I won't choose what is best in the moment. So I waste a lot of time stewing about how to best spend my time. Oh, the irony.

Our teacher suggested today that rather than ask, "Is this how I want to spend my time?" we should ask, "Is this how I want to spend my life?" For some reason, thinking about that slight shift in phrasing really relieves some anxiety. Because even though I might not recognize what might be the most fulfilling in a certain moment, I do recognize what I want my life to reflect as a whole...and somehow keeping that broader perspective makes me feel like I can be a better judge of my time. I know that we are always taught to have an eternal perspective, and I get that, but what I forget is that it's not just a path to eternity, it's MY path to eternity. I want to live a consecrated life knowing what gifts and interests God has instilled in me and letting my life express that. I suspect that asking, "Is this what I want my life to be about?" is going to help me feel more grounded and also more meditative in a non-wasting time kind of way. I think it's always good to think about the person I am becoming.  

I love this quote by Elder Maxwell, from a talk I mentioned not too long ago. In speaking of Christ he said, "I thank Him for His marvelous management of time, for never misusing a moment, including the moments of meditation. Even His seconds showed His stewardship."

I want my seconds to show my stewardship and knowing that I will fail, I'm grateful for repentance and the opportunity to try a little harder. 

I hope we can all spend our lives well this week...and that those weeks turn into months...and into years that become a life well-lived. I love you all! 

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  1. This is so true! I want to be much better at accounting for my time. I am always questioning the balance of how to spend it! Then I try to focus on one priority full blast, get burned out, put it down and realize that it wasn't the best approach. I love your hope in finding this balance over stewardship. thanks