January 21, 2011

Happy Weekend to You

For your weekend enjoyment, I'm posting a film recommendation from one of our male readers. Here is why he loves it: "Pretty much teaches you everything you need to know about everything you need to know (if you are a guy). It hits a note on the subconscious that resonates throughout a society that, whether or not you have ever seen the movie, still makes it familiar to you."

Compelling, right? Well, good chance you watched it back in the 80's with some of the rest of us. If not...it's probably time to dedicate a Friday night to Mr. Balboa. Especially Rocky IV (everyone knows it's the best!). 

P.S. Two summers ago Liz and Erin and I visited our friend Ed (who is Liz's brother) in Philadelphia. You better believe we made time for the Rocky Statue. This is my favorite photo from the trip:

There was a long line of people waiting to get a picture posing like Rocky in front of the Rocky statue. So, rather than wait...Erin posed like Rocky in front of Ed who was posing like the Rocky Statue.


Happy Weekend! And thanks for the recommendation Todd!


  1. Heather, I totally look forward to your posts! That is hilarious!

  2. Last year I tried to watch Rocky and could not get into it, but on the strength of your recommendation I tried again last night and you know one of the wonderful things about this movie? There are only two fight scenes. More than the average woman I like action and war movies, but watching a fight is not pleasant. Every punch, every blow just makes me wince and feel terrible for those poor guys. So, I just can't handle a lot of that. However, a good deal of time is spent on the sweet and odd romance between Rocky and the painfully shy pet shop clerk.

    I found myself asking, "guys like this? We haven't had any fighting since the opening scene?"

    Here is a list of the things I liked and some thoughts:
    1. The Italian Stallion's three inch heels
    2. His swagger, even when he's running -- he's wearing himself out with that improper running style.
    3. The incredibly filthy and dank apartment seemed accurate, but why couldn't he give that place a good clean? I was itching to get a bucket of hot soapy water and have my way with that place.
    4. And then I would have painted. Paint doesn't cost much Mr. Balboa
    5. His wooing of Adrian. Did he really take his sweater off to reveal a wife beater with a hole in it and then lean toward her swaying from the pull-up bar? It should have been completely intimidating, from any other man it would have been disgusting and a little frightening, but he had me.
    6. Sylvester Stallone has beautiful eyes, nose (which he seems to be aware of) and lips. He is a good looking man, but then I am fond of that sharp nose and prominent eye-lid look.
    7. Generally I am very prejudiced against what I call "man-movies," wherein all involved seem to be running from the English language like a playboy from his wife, i.e. a cast of characters all grunting and mumbling unintelligibly in true man fashion. Most things with John Wayne, Dirty Harry are examples. This was the reason I didn't make it through Rocky the first time yet, despite Rocky's incredible mush-mouth I enjoyed the film. Thanks for the recommendation. I am going to attempt to power through FOUR more!