January 7, 2011

Happy Weekend to You - The Color of Paradise

Heather and I promised to post The Wintertide Film List this month just in time to help avoid any potential wintertime blues out there. I used to make a film list for my friends every year or so and I'm looking forward to sharing a bit through the blog. We'll post individual recommendations throughout the month with a full list at the end. It's not too late to add your recommendation! Just send it to Heather at hsimkins@gw.edu.

This is one of my all-time favorite films. It's an Iranian film that makes you slow down, settle in and feel grateful for the small, important things in life. I liked what this reviewer had to say: "[Majidi's] work feels truly intended for God's glory . . . His film looks up, not sideways."

Short synopsis: "The Color of Paradise" is about a blind boy. Quick and gentle, in love with knowledge, acutely attuned to the world around him, Mohammad loves his lessons at a school for the blind. He is loved at home by his grandmother and his two sisters. But his father, Hashem, does not love him. Hashem is a widower, ambitious to marry into a prosperous family, and he fears the possession of a blind son will devalue him in the marriage market.

P.S. I once got in an argument with an Iranian film professor over Majidi's work. She said, "Majidi is so sentimental, and for what?" That question astounded me. She went on to point out that there are plenty of political films that need to be made. I think the loving reality and compassion Majidi connects us with is exactly what our world needs. If our hearts stayed in the places this film takes us there would be very few problems in the world.

Happy Weekend! xo!

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