January 24, 2011

Google confessions

I just found this post from an old blog of mine:

"I need to confess something. Today I googled 'how to pet a dog.' I'm not sure how I'm this old and don't yet understand basic pet etiquette. But this dog I know is onto me, and it's embarrassing.

The end."

Please feel free to take this time to make your own googling confessions. We're all friends here.


  1. Confession: When I started dating my husband Alan I was curious about how much everyone else knew about his sister Julie (who had appeared on the Real World). I wanted to find out more so I googled, Julie Real World. Not too embarrassing except that computers remember your searches and one day Alan was looking up something on my computer...yep. He hates people who are fascinated with the Real World and his sister.

  2. You are so funny! I'm racking my brain for something weird I've googled. I'll think of it in the middle of the night tonight :-)

  3. First, I need to admit to googling "Julie Real World" just now, after I read the post by Marci. Then I'll admit that I googled "how to not be lazy" a while back, and actually found some good things. For better or worse, I admitted this in a sacrament meeting during my talk on the subject of consecration last week. (The talk, by the way, was based on the talk you mentioned in the last post. I was attempting to create a sense of authority when I taught the part about work.)

  4. Haha! You can really tell what's on your mind by looking at your history of searches. Ok, on my phone, the place I usually only go for urgent questions, my last 5 searches are: lemon in water, citrus recipes, grains without gluten, why drink psyllium, cooked bananas. Proof that I am moooore than ready to be done with this cleanse!