January 12, 2011


(Remember that myth about the person who drank so much carrot juice they turned orange? Do I look a tiny bit orange in this picture? That seriously might be me in 21 days.)

It's a new year and I'm pretty excited. I started a cleanse 4 days ago with my roommates. All-in-all I'm not a big fan of cleanses. I don't think it's healthy to feed yourself only water and Cayenne pepper for 2 weeks straight. Neither does the doctor who created this cleanse. He has a medical degree and holistic, naturalistic medical training. He says most cleanses throw you into a "health crisis" which is unnecessary and possibly harmful. The regimen is intense but includes most of the goals I had for the new year:

  • Drink a ton of water, cancel unnecessary appointments, avoid reading the news
  • Before breakfast - Wake up 90 - 120 min early, supplements, yoga, journaling, dry skin brush, hydrotherapy (hot water 3 min, followed by cold water 15 sec)
  • Breakfast - lemon in water, rice protein shake, acidophilus, liver detox supplement
  • Lunch - veggies, brown rice, protein shake
  • Before dinner - 30 min walking, sauna or hydrotherapy, yoga
  • Dinner - fish or beans, brown rice, veggies, acidophilus, liver detox supplement
  • Bedtime - detox bath, yoga, supplements, journaling
  • Increasing meaning in my personal prayer and scripture study has also been added to my list.

Needless to say, it's been intense. The first two days I thought about quitting despite the money I've spent, but a principle from The Road Less Traveled kept coming to my mind. The author, a psychiatrist, writes about the power of self-discipline. He says discipline is the only thing that will keep us on our true path in life. When the going gets tough we give ourselves the message that we are either worth it or we're not by the decisions we make. Not having self-discipline is basically like saying, I'm not worth the work - I'm going to step off life's path and just distract myself some other way. He says, "Discipline . . . It's not the easiest road-but it is the only one worth taking." We discipline a child because they are valuable to us and it's essential to their development. It is important that they brush their teeth and don't run out into the street because we want them to be happy and safe. It's the same for us, the level of self-discipline we apply in our own lives informs us of our personal worth. Each time I feel like quitting I remember that - I am worth this.

I'm excited to see the dividends of applying these principles (a term I got from No Impact Man, a pretty interesting movie though I won't be trying that "cleanse" anytime soon). In the short 4 days I've been detoxing I've gained access to deeper parts of myself and truths about my life and the universe. I'm quite surprised by some of the things I have to say to myself. And I've been feeling a lot of gratitude today, to be honest, mostly because Heather came out of her wreck with so little harm. But I can tell it's bringing me to more gratitude all around.

Wish me luck, I hope in 21 days I'll be writing about my success! (As opposed to a retraction post with something about how I am still worth it followed by a list of excuses like "I really like sugar."). xo! Liz


  1. liz, i want details on this. dee. tails.

  2. Jules! Still going and I haven't turned completely orange yet. It's been really amazing to realize I can stick with a regimen this intense. I've started to put some of the habits I want personally to implement in place of some of his. I want to take advantage of the discipline and momentum. I feel much cleaner and brighter and more organized but I think I've hit the point of diminishing returns. On this cleanse you can go 7, 14 or 21 days. I probably would have been ok going with the 7 or 14 but I think I'll see it out. The food has gotten kind of boring but I think this is just what I needed to get some good habits in place (stuff I've been trying to do for years) and to reset my body an become aware of food again. Overall it's had a big impact. Too many details?? I heard you had a great cleanse recently! Truth or fiction?