January 6, 2011


I had two (legitimate) goals in 2010: finish grad school and touch my toes. The first quarter of my year was dedicated almost solely to the first. Now I want to barf whenever I hear the word thesis, but mission accomplished.

I guess if I had dedicated four months to stretching my flanks, then number two would be checked off the list as well. Not so. I gave it a less than meaningful try, even though I literally have dreams where I am flexible enough to fold my body in half like a taco. I always wake up from those dreams wishing I really were that stretchy. Forget about a trip to Europe or hanging out with Aragorn...I'm daydreaming about the prospect of being able to lay my head on my knees. Somehow I believe it would improve my life exponentially. Can anyone out there with this ability prove me wrong and/or help me think more rationally about the benefits of serious flexibility? I doubt it. Because secretly your lives are like Disneyland every day.

So I have something to work towards this year...and nothing is going to get in my way. Possibly a broken femur would get in my way. Or a bad attitude. But I think I can avoid those things. "2011, Stretching is Heaven" (my motto). Do any of you have an inspiring motto for the new year?

p.s. speaking of...

 Guess who got the Lord of the Rings trilogy for Christmas? Holla!

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