December 12, 2010

The Sunday Post

Three years ago I read the testimony of Elder Maxwell in the December Ensign and it immediately became a favorite. I now read it every year during the Christmas season...and wanted to share a few of my favorite parts. Do yourself a big Christmas favor and read it in its entirety here. It's beautiful and true Maxwell fashion.

I testify that in our first estate Jesus was the incomparable individual among all our Father’s spirit children. He helped to prepare this planet for us and led—not pushed—us from our premortal post. I thank Him for the untold things He did, across the ages of that first estate, to prepare perfectly for His unique role—while I was doing so very much less. I thank Him, further, for not deserting those of us who are slow or stragglers...

I testify that, though He never needed it, He gave to us what we desperately needed—that program of progress—repentance, which beckons us to betterness. I thank Him for helping me, even forgiving me, when I fall short, when I testify of things known but which are beyond the border of my behavior, and for helping me to advance that border, bit by bit. His relentless redemptiveness exceeds my recurring wrongs...

I testify that He and the Father are serious about stretching our souls in this second estate. I thank the Savior for truly teaching us about our personal possibilities and for divinely demonstrating directions—not just pointing...

Last of all, I witness that He lives—with all that those simple words imply. I know I will be held accountable for this testimony; but, as hearers or readers, you are now accountable for my witness—which I give in the very name of Jesus Christ, amen.

(I say amen to that, Elder Maxwell. And wish all of you a very happy Sabbath!)

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