December 6, 2010

Speaking of gifts...

Sometimes I wish it could be 6:30am all day quiet, a hint of light in the sky, nothing forcing me out of my cozy handmade Elvis quilt (circa Christmas 1994), a cup of red raspberry leaf tea in hand, the good word in front of me. I receive a lot of answers in this quiet space. Sigh. I love 6:30am right now.

Yesterday in church someone talked about how we sometimes receive Christmas gifts that we never put to use...and then he related it to the gifts of the gospel...and how we don't benefit from those gifts unless we use them.

Well, this morning I thought about 6:30am and how it's a gift and how I don't always use it as such, but that my day seems to flow so much better when I do. And I want to make an effort to think about other potential gifts that I don't use often enough or gifts that I use, but don't recognize as such. It's a nice time of year to reflect on it. 

So I say thanks, 6:30am, for being my gift today. I think I will use you again tomorrow.

p.s. What time of day is a gift to you golden hearts???

1 comment:

  1. I love this post, H! I don't think I've seen 6:30 am in about 10 years but I'm envious. My favorite time of day has always been twilight (way before the book, ok). I love when the busy work of life starts to shake out into the evening. I love how it looks. It's sort of magical.