December 31, 2010

Happy Weekend to You

I've seen so many year-end reviews the past few days that I've decided to present a thorough year-end review of year-end reviews....

only kidding.

Friends, tonight I will be braving the frigid weather to put people through an inflatable obstacle course at the city's first night celebration. Pretty sure I'm going to have to dress up like Georgie and snack on cayenne pepper in order to stay warm. But I'm still smiling because at least I'm second greatest blessing of 2010. The first having survived half an hour in Manhattan on a packed subway car with a broken air conditioner in the dead of July. still gives me the willies. (Apparently most of my mentionable moments are connected to temperature.)

I think back on 2010 with so much gratitude and hope that you can too. Also looking forward to the start of something new...I'm expecting great things in 2011!

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

p.s. I do think this list is worth checking out (thanks NPR).

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