December 10, 2010

Happy Weekend to You

I love weekends during the Christmas season! So many opportunities to do favorite things with favorite people: pick up a wintry drink in the city (I'm a little obsessed right now with cinnamon soy steamers), go to a Christmas party, wrap up in a blanket to watch a favorite Christmas movie (last weekend it was A Christmas Carol with George C Scott), buy or make and wrap presents, study the scriptures in a warm bed, spend time focusing on the life & birth of the Lord.

I try to make it to see Messiah or The Nutcracker every year. Even on a tight budget a free or inexpensive production can usually be found. Something about the dignity of those classic performances really brings in the Christmas spirit for me. This weekend I'll be going to see The Nutcracker. I'm even more excited than usual as my friend who works for the theater gave us free serious-business balcony tickets. I think I'll borrow my roommate's wig and buy a lace fan for the occasion.

The Washington Ballet's production has a patriotic flare, George Washington is featured as The Nutcracker and King George III as the Rat King.

I hope you have fun or comfy holiday season plans this weekend. Plans that you are looking forward to (as opposed to merely being obligated to). If not, it's never too late to make (or change) them! Happy holidays to you and have a wonderful weekend!

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