December 3, 2010

Happy Weekend to You

Looking forward to seeing the faces of all five of my brothers and sisters this weekend! We're gathering for the baptism of my nephew, who just turned eight. A fine occasion, indeed.

Sidenote: said nephew got a lego set for his b-day yesterday and the two of us stayed up late putting parts of it together. He sweetly gave me a pep talk and reminded me to not get frustrated (seriously, why are there 10,000 tiny pieces that all look the same?). Well, I may or may not have woken up very excited to get back to work on it. Let's just say that sister asked me if I wanted a lego set for Christmas.

It's rare when we can all be gathered at the same time, but this month will provide at least two occasions. I love this family of mine...golden hearts through and through.

I hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. heather-
    i love you. you inspire me everyday..........and you don't even realize it. thanks for being so amazing dangit!!! i sure lucked out with you as my sis. and liz, if you read this, you are likewise so inspiring. your and heather's future EB's (heather knows what i am talking about so ask her) will be the luckiest men alive!!!!

  2. Darcy, thanks for the sweet comment and support! And I love it, EB!! Looking forward to that, much love!!