December 7, 2010

Favorite Books Part I - Why I Like It

Erin is single and lives in Washington D.C. She loves books. In fact, she even wrote one (which happens to be a favorite of mine). Thanks for your recommendation Erin!

In my youth I was introduced to the writings of C.S. Lewis, and read and re-read The Chronicles of Narnia with relish. As an adult I was introduced to Lewis’ inspiration for much (if not all) of his literature in his mentor George MacDonald. Although markedly distinct from Lewis in content and style, MacDonald has a gift for myth and storytelling that is as compelling to me now as Lewis’s Chronicles were years ago.

Of his many works, one of my favorites is Lilith. This is not a typical retelling of an ancient myth, however. Lilith hovers between reality and fantasy, dreams and decision. It is the story of a man who in dreams travels from death back into life. I love Lilith because, as Lewis says, “It goes beyond the expression of things we have already felt. It arouses in us sensations we have never had before, never anticipated having, as though we had broken out of our normal mode of consciousness and ‘possessed joys not promised to our birth.’ It gets under our skin, hits us at a level deeper than our thoughts or even our passions, troubles oldest certainties till all questions are reopened, and in general shocks us more fully awake than we are for most of our lives.”

Lilith reminds me that much of our existence is nothing more, or less, than what we make it; and that reality is both fixed, and fluid. 

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  1. Ok, I'm for sure getting this book. That's an amazing and quite convincing quote. Thanks Erin!!