November 11, 2010

Something to look forward to in the bleak of winter

My sister always says that January is like "one long Monday" and I have to agree. No offense to anyone born in January (I'm looking at you, Elvis), but what a bummer month! It's really a let-down to find yourself in the dead of winter after weeks of holiday celebrations. Bleh. So to ward off some serious January reluctance, I think it best to plan ahead and find something to look forward to in order to make it through 31 days of Monday.

Thus...we are asking for your contributions to what will become our annual Wintertide Film List! If nothing else, January (and the remainder of winter) is the perfect time to bunker down with a cup of hot cocoa and a great film. Right?? So, please email your top three favorite movies with a couple of sentences about why you like them to We will compile the list and post it on the blog at the beginning of the new year. Will this be soothing to your discontented soul or what?

The deadline to send in your recommendations is Tues, Nov. 30th. Please don't delay! Go to your inbox now and do a good deed for all the winter resisters out there. Thanks in advance, friends!

p.s. only two days until Liz's birthday!

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