November 30, 2010

Sisters & Happiness

My sister Elle and her daughter accompanied me to my best friend Nicky's wedding in Boston two weekends ago. The day before the wedding, we went by the home of the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott. The tour guide told us not only that an inordinate number of Mormons stop in to tour her house, but also that most of Little Women is actually autobiographical. Alcott had a sister who passed away, a sister that married in her living room and so on. She also raised the child, as a single mother, of another sister who died after Little Women was finished.

The New York Times recently published an article that was passed around quite a bit called Sisters & Happiness. Turns out having a sister makes you happier. (I'm sure having a brother does too, at least it has for me, but we're focusing on sisters this round.) I'm not surprised by that finding, and recently received some wonderful reminders of my own on how happy sisters can make you
My sister's little girl, Lucy, and me in front of Louisa May Alcott's home.

As Nicky discussed in an earlier post, her mom passed away when she was 8. Her sister Missy took her in and raised her in the gospel. Missy is truly a saint of a sister and everyone who knows her knows it. I can't imagine what a proud day it was for her to see her sister married in the temple.

Sisters - Me, Abby (Nicky's sister), Nicky, Elle (my sister), and Missy (Nicky's sister)

Nicky's sisters made me and my sister (and everyone there) feel so special and a part of everything throughout the weekend. They are the kind of sisters who prepare the classiest meal and then pinch you on the bum before you sit down. They are two of the kindest women I know.

My niece and Nicky's nieces. The three in black are sisters. They were as sweet and welcoming as their mom.

My 5-month pregnant sister, with her 2-year old in the backseat, comforted me through a small (ok, at maybe medium - all you sisters know what I'm talking about) breakdown in the car after we arrived in Boston. It was over making life decisions. She reminded me how important it is to share your struggles and then forced me to clean my tear-stained face and go into my grad school interview. When I came out she had a flower for me, the second floral gift of the week. I'm so grateful to her for being there for me in the difficult moments.
My sister Elle, and her daughter, Lucy, outside the temple after the sealing.

To finish it off, when I got home Heather, my other best girl, called me to hear all about the wedding. Before we got off the phone, unaware of the self-proclaimed sister theme, she said, "You know, I never wonder whether we'll keep up after we're married . . . we're just like sisters."

So I dedicate this post (if you can do that) first to Nicky & Mike on their new marriage and then to sisters. With gratitude for the many, many conversations over the years with Nic about her future husband, things you would only discuss with an almost-sister, and with gratitude as well that those conversations are finally over. Love all you sisters.


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  1. I don't know how I missed this post. So sweet. Right back at you, Sis. Love you.