November 4, 2010

One of those days.

I'm having a hard time posting today. There are a bunch of thoughts ruminating in my head, but I can't get any of them out in an intelligible way. If I could pull it together I would write something incredibly profound, I'm sure, about one of these things:

How I saw the Avett Brothers in concert in September and how I'm still thinking about it because it was A-to-the-Awesome. Confession: I love them more than crushed ice from Sonic. Unlike my 7th grade obsession with NKOTB, I can thankfully appreciate art with a much more mature perspective. Their excitement for what they do has inspired me in important ways. Here I am loving them:

And here is Scott Avett running away from me:

Or I would write about how my BFF is two years old and fills up my heart in ways that I didn't realize were needed (meet my niece below).

And how she wakes up every morning with this amazing rat's nest that cannot be wielded.

And how she just told me that I need to take a bath, so apparently I have bigger things to worry about than trying to post something inspiring. I'm off.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Now you have two BFFs, just like me. Hope your day becomes shiny clear with the bath of the little one. Love you!!