November 22, 2010

One big satisfying sigh.

I really only have one thing to say about this weekend: 

Where have you been all of my life?

In the past my friend Erin and I have been prompted to talk about ice cream/frozen yogurt/frozen custard in great detail (not a lot going on in Cedar City, Utah). E, if you were here this would have inspired at least a 25 minute colloquium. Uh-maze-ing.

Thanks to this local joint for saving one gluten-free girl from what would otherwise be a pumpkin-less fall. In other words, thanks for saving me from tragedy.


  1. I love it! I've got it on my calendar that Dairy Godmother is serving Pumpkin frozen yogurt on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week. I think I look forward to it even more than banana pudding day! (Hard to believe I know!)

  2. I hope we can have an ice-cream/froyo colloquium soon. Also, this has to be one of my favorite posts. Thanks H for reminding me what fall is all about.

  3. oh and great picture! I love it!