November 8, 2010

Make A Difference Day

Recently I spent a day volunteering with friends for a non-profit called KaBOOM!. In 6 hours we transformed an empty lot at the Hyde Leadership Public Charter School in Washington, DC into a beautiful playground, veggie garden, and stage area (complete with seating). KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit whose vision is to build great places to play within walking distance of every child in America.

Six cabinet secretaries joined the group in support of KaBOOM!'s work. Our favorite moment of the day came when Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, was working with us to post a piece of the playground into a hole. His group's side was sinking a bit. When we asked if they needed help he responded with, "sorry, we're just a bit remedial down here". This man never clocks out! Perfect.

KaBOOM! has built over 1,800 playgrounds to date and will be building a playground in your neighborhood soon. They are organized and great at keeping volunteers engaged through the whole project. It feels so satisfying to see the brand new, completely finished playground at the end of a hard day of work! To start a project or get involved check out their website.

(Watch Emily hauling mulch - which she hates, but still did! If you really watch closely you'll see me pass behind Arne Duncan in the video footage as well. :)


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  1. I like Make a Difference Day. When I lived in NY I met up with a group on MDD, went to an elementary school in Brooklyn and replaced a lot of graffiti with fun murals for the kids. "Many hands make light work."