November 9, 2010

Highlight and Lowlight

Highlight of my day:

I started this class and I'm so EXCITED!!! (ten high kicks for this highlight)

Lowlight of my day:

"Dear Ms. Simkins,
Thanks for your resume. We, along with everyone else in this town, do not plan to hire you. Good luck.
From, Your Density"


The verdict is still out about whether this was a high or low point. Opinions??

p.s. only 4 days until Liz's birthday!!!


  1. So jealous about the herbalist class. I am a fan of super comfy (even if they're ugly) socks. But those don't look comfy to me. I wouldn't want something between my toes.

  2. I can't help but love to hate those socks. Thanks for sharing them. There must be NO openings in St. George.

  3. In their faces - you'll be a bona fide herbalist before you know it, with your own practice filled with eccentric clients, and you won't even consider taking their light weight offers. When they realize the mistake they've made they'll be coming to you for depression medication. :)