November 12, 2010

Happy Weekend to You

I'm so looking forward to this weekend! I hope you are too! It's my birthday and we're having a party. It's a dress-up event with the theme "Revolutionary War vs. Jersey Shore" (not about the show, but all about the fashion).

Last year's birthday will be a hard one to beat. My b'day was on Friday the 13th and I'd gotten off a plane from 3 weeks overseas less than a day before. It was the best feeling to walk into a room of my best friends after being away for so long!

We met up in the theater of my friend Brad's complex to watch one of my all-time favorites, "The Cosby Show" followed by a surprise and scary debut of a movie Heather, Erin & I made in the wee hours of the morning - a very poorly made spoof of Twilight. Truly a Friday the 13th scare.

My sweet friend Allie made me this Friday the 13th birthday cake! Matt (standing behind us) gave a 5-minute, well, part lecture part comedy routine on birthdays, my life and future. Wish I had that one on video. I was super impressed.

Thanks again Heather & Erin! (That is not Erin, it's Emily. We didn't get a shot of Erin somehow so Emily will have to act as stand-in. Thanks, Emily.)

Last but not least, the best present must be named: Snuggie. Thanks Covey and Mom!

Have a great weekend, xo!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday lady! Hope your special day is equally grand and glorious!

  2. Happy Birthday best friend (I hope you still have your half of the necklace) and loving sister! We have a surprise for you coming via a local source (not the mail) tomorrow!!