November 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend

My sister Elle, my niece Lucy and I started out the day with a nice fall walk to Eastern Market for breakfast and a little shopping.

Elle insisted fresh flowers were a must have treat for my birthday. Love these girls.

The second half of the birthday was a bit different than the first. We had a "Revolutionary War vs. Jersey Shore" party. Though most people opted to enjoy the dressing up through observation only, there were a few standouts. I went Jersey Shore. Elle dressed me up right!

Lace on lace on lace.
My boy Ben came in full effect. Jersey to the core.
Elle and Lucy went "classy" Jersey Shore. (They were looking down on me all night.) I love the mother and daughter hair bumps.
Emily & Todd gave us a run for our money with their Revolutionary attire. When Todd saw me he said he had been quite sure until that moment that no one at the party would have on more lace than him. His costume is really quite ingenious, normal clothes with doilies for the wrists and neckerchief.

Oh my.

Thanks for the wonderful birthday, loved ones!


  1. Hey! What about all the awesome food at that party? Especially that cake! An excellent evening for an excellent person.

  2. This is one of the most amazing events I have ever seen.

  3. Awesome Party! You guys look great!
    Love ya Liz!

  4. Looks so fun! So did Jersey Shore win?

  5. Good question! In numbers yes, but in terms of class? It's anyone's guess.