October 12, 2010

Road Trip

Today I am driving across the California desert by myself. Here are some of my road trip favorites:

Favorite snack: Apples. Hands down. Not too sweet, not too boring. Crunchy enough to help with the sleepies.
Favorite beverage: 100% pure grapefruit juice. Delightful.
Favorite place to use the restroom: Bah!
Favorite conversation topic (if I have company): Once Liz covered the history of the world for me--from Homer to Postmodernism. I took notes. It was amazing.
Favorite road trip attire: Shirts with American flags and also American flag bandanas. That just seemed like the right answer.
Favorite road trip: Spontaneous trip from Reno to the beach in CA. We started at 10pm and these are the half-baked instructions we followed from a friend: "Drive on this road--I can't remember the name--until you see this grocery store. Park there and you can sleep on the beach." We never found it, but we laughed biggie.
And finally....favorite road trip music: This seems particularly appropriate for a drive through CA...with the windows down.

Great road trip websites:

This is a guide to uniquely odd tourist attractions (love it).
This is a guide to the most memorable local eateries along your route.
This is a set of road trip songs from NPR Music.

What are your road trip favorites??


  1. I would like to take a roadtrip with Liz and have her tell me the history of the world. In fact, I demand it.

  2. I think I'd come out better in this deal! :)