October 21, 2010

Questions for Our All-Star Panel

Though we haven't posted all the panel responses for this month's question, we're making a call once again for your questions! Please consider any questions you may want to ask about living abundantly, dating, marriage, being single, and the like for our panel. Send in questions right away (or anytime) to HSimkins@GW.edu or feel free to leave them in the comment section. We're happy to post them anonymously, by the way. Thanks!!

Even though I might look like I'm spaced out staring at the computer, I'm really using all my brain power to try to think of the question to answer all questions (and then I'll email it to myself, just like I hope you will!).
By the way, we LOVE your comments on any post! Share your thoughts, someone else may very well need them this very day. xo!

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