October 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

One of the greastest comforts in life has to be a home cooked meal. They've been a little harder to come by living away from my family, which is why I love our household dinner plan. Each roommate takes one weeknight per week to make dinner for everyone. We pack a lunch for the next day for anyone who missed (which is most nights). It's economical, healthy (mostly), and a great time to catch up!

One of my favorite recipes, and a regular in our house, comes from my roommate Erin:

Sweet Bean Burritos - YUMMY!

1 sweet potato baked then cooled (or if you're me and always behind, not cooled, but you risk burning your fingers :))
1 can black beans, drained almost all the way but not quite
1/4 or 1/2 onion chopped
1 or 2 tsp garlic chopped, or if it's easier you can just add garlic powder with the other spices, but add less, like 1/2 tsp
1 or 2 Tbs Chili powder
1 or 2 tsp Cumin

I am not very precise when I make these, but the recipe is forgiving, so you can adjust the quantities.

Peel and mash the sweet potato, then saute the onion and garlic. Add the black beans and sweet potato to the onion/garlic, then add all the spices. Put on a flour tortilla and add all your burrito toppings.

Our favorites: guacamole (really, really good on these burritos), rice (you can do spanish red rice, plain rice, or rice with cream cheese and cilantro mixed in Chipotle style), corn, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream


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