October 6, 2010

Favorite Books Part II - 3 Great Quotes

(My favorite parts are underlined.)

1. I spent the better part of two years investigating and studying. When I began learning how to pray and started understanding that real praying means to communicate with the Living God, I suddenly awakened, as if I was coming out of a deep sleep. I recognized that God had, over and over again, tried to touch me in many ways earlier in my life. I began to understand that agency is what brings true dignity to the life of a human being.
2. This world we live in is not the real thing. The actual world--which is closer to us than we sometimes realize--is full of truth and capable of bringing us to a higher level than we can understand. Indeed, it is more beautiful and majestic than a human can imagine. My spiritual insight let me see that we as human beings live far below our potential from day to day. One day we will be confronted with our true potential; and we will see what we have missed because we have not embraced the ultimate help offered to us from our Creator.

3. My experiences with communication with God have shown me that we really must mean it when we pray...In praying, we must go to the root of honesty with ourselves because we cannot hear truth when we are not honest to the core. We must express our feelings without flowery words and be willing to accept the consequences of our prayers. When we do, the Lord will be there with us and teach us what we need to know and what is good for us in that very moment.

I know the following video has been widely circulated, which makes me hesitate to post it. But I love it and at times have listened to it over and over. Also, his accent is the best.

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  1. I have thought of this book so many times. Reading it gives me a similar insight and feeling to writings of and about Lusseyran, Gandhi and Mother Teresa.