October 5, 2010

Favorite Books Part I - Why I Like It

This book was recommended by my dear friend Erin, whose recommendation I always trust (it's nice to have friends like that). A few years ago she came to our home on a Sunday night and we all gathered around as she read aloud from this book. I felt pretty captivated by F. Enzio and what seemed like a glimpse into the life of someone who "got it" in ways I'm still trying to understand. Later I read the book in its entirety and was overwhelmed by its message. Very sweet and very compelling.

This is a book of reflections from the life of F. Enzio Busche...from his depression that followed the end of WWII (where he was drafted into the German army at the age of 14) to his baptism and eventual call as a General Authority in the LDS Church. He recounts a spiritual experience that occurred when he faced a terminal illness and his resulting determination to go to the ends of the earth in search of the Living God.

Here's why I love this book so much: F. Enzio recounts story after story filled with miracles and extraordinary events and never is there any evidence of affectation. He talks about his experiences as though they are totally natural and available to anyone who worships a Living God. I think when truth is truth, it is always presented in this way--not in a way that works up our emotions, but in a way that presents things as they really are, which invites the Spirit to enter in and verify that what is being said is true. It reminds me of Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision--who speaks of his brothers and sisters in one moment and the first vision in the next (as though it's just a list of facts). There's nothing flowery about Joseph's account, but it's straight forward and he makes no apologies for what he saw, which is where the power of his testimony lies.

F. Enzio's account is similarly powerful and has inspired my own understanding of faith and my own thirst for the Living God. I highly recommend it!

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