October 4, 2010


Fashion can be a tricky subject. On the one hand we should not become like the daughters of Zion in Isaiah, who lose all sense of righteous priorities and care about nothing but how great they look (and shame their humble and appropriate neighbors as well). On the other hand, the Lord tells us our bodies are temples and we should clothe them in modesty and cleanliness. And we are also beautiful (YOU are beautiful!) and are commanded to create beauty and reflect his feelings of love for us.

(Thanks to Brenda, just home from my fall trip. This season I like bright matte lipstick, splitting my hair towards middle, big rings, big bags, straight pants)

Years ago, when I was thinking about my personal style, and sort of wishing I wasn’t, I stumbled across a book called In the Dressing Room with Brenda (currently 1 cent on Amazon). Brenda, personal stylist to stars like Oprah, promises something along the lines of “read this and you will never need to read another fashion book again". . . perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted. While I am by no means a fashion expert, I hope you don’t mind me sharing what I’ve learned and love to look forward to every season! (And it’s actually quite doable on a very small budget.)

The Routine (I usually spend 2 or 3 weeks on this process at the beginning of each new season):

Initially- Go through everything in your closet and get rid of all the clothes you don’t love. Brenda says that women who dress beautifully often have very little in their closet, but they love it all and take good care of it. Things you don’t love should be put out into the world for someone else to enjoy (think Law of Consecration). Don’t buy a bunch of junk to fill in your wardrobe (think consumerism)! Only buy things you love, love.

Figure Out What You Like
- Before a new season starts, buy one or two magazine, look at blogs, and figure out what you like. This is a fun time to get excited about all of the blessings of the upcoming season! Is it time for sweaters, scarves, skirts or swimsuits? Don’t forget to look at a possible hairstyle and makeup changes. Sketch out some outfits if you’d like. What do you want to wear at home? Work? Church? Out on the weekends?

2. Unpack Clothes for the Season - Divide your clothes by season, keeping your staple items out of the piles. If you don’t have seasons where you live, find a way to divide your year in a way that allows you to refresh your wardrobe. (Longer seasons? Events? Holidays?) Pack up the stuff you have from last season and pull out your box of clothes for the current season. (My favorite part! It feels like a box of new clothes!) You might want to clean out your makeup bag and identify some seasonal makeup.

3. Go Shopping - Budget a little bit of money every season for new clothes. Even for those who have very little, saving up a few dollars will give you a great feeling when the time comes!* Decide on the pieces you’d like to buy. Take the time to find pieces you love.

4. Put Outfits Together/Have a Fashion Show - Go home and have fun putting outfits together.

5. You are done! According to Brenda you don't even have to THINK about your wardrobe for an entire season, (unless you want to that is).

Pictures that help me get a sense of the seasons (speaking of fashion, these girls could really use some smiles):

Soft, Warm, Deep

Deep, Cool, Clear

Clear, Warm, Light


Light, Cool, Soft

* One last note for those of you who may have experienced some of the fashion hang-ups I have experienced:

• We all feel better when we are in shape and our bodies are at an optimum. But don’t wait to do get going until then! Start this season, right now. It may give you the good feelings you need to get going on getting in shape as well! You are beautiful! (So much more to say on this, maybe in a later post.)

• I never had a lot of money for clothes in childhood or in college. I noticed over the years that there is a big difference between financial and emotional resources. Being financially strapped means you can’t buy the new clothes you would like but doesn't keep you from being resourceful and feeling good. The emotional side of things, though, can cause you to falsely feel you are not worth it. This is a degrading state of mind and it is from the adversary. The signs are you don't keep up your clothes, don’t plan, feel you are not “allowed” to put even a few dollars away to make yourself feel good. Being financially strapped won’t keep you from feeling good in your appearance, but feeling emotionally degraded will and is totally against how the Lord would have you feel.

• A little miracle in my life on this topic. I remember once having an unfortunate haircut, and a hair color I had applied at home. I felt prompted to ask for what I needed. So I had what seemed like a silly prayer to me at the time. I basically said – my hair isn’t pretty, I don’t feel feminine, but I don’t have any money right now to do anything about it. I asked for help and left it at that. The next morning I checked my bank account. I had a refund, for something I didn’t remember purchasing, in the amount I needed to get my hair done. It was the best haircut of my life, mostly because of the sweet reminder that the Lord wanted me to feel cared for.


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